Industry Programme



WEDNESDAY, 4. oktober


10.00, Zelena dvorana Green Hall





I like to believe a film is a filmmaker’s response to the world.  And we could all agree on one thing that would define our world today: it is rapidly changing. How to respond to this change? How to film it? In French, there is an expression to designate the sunset and the sunrise. That moment in-between day and night. The saying goes, “Entre chien et loup” (“between dog and wolf”), and it refers to the doubt of the Sheppard, who cannot distinguish if the figure approaching in the distance is a dog or a wolf. Therefore, he doesn’t know whether he needs to protect the herd or whether he can stay calm. So… the shepherd will have to sharpen his eyesight and look twice. This hour (“between dog and wolf”), when things are not what they were anymore but are not what they will be, forces us to do something crucial for filmmaking: learn how to look to see better. The truth is that dealing with “what transforms”, in many senses, is what cinema has been doing since the beginning. Filmmaking itself could be understood as a continuous process of transformation and discovery. I will put it in other words: every film begins with a loss and ends with a revelation.


In cooperation with RE-ACT and Torino Film Lab.


The event will be held in English.



12.00, Zelena dvorana Green Hall


PRESENTATION OF THE BOOK ‘Lighting Design for TV and Cinema’



The book ‘Lighting Design for TV and Cinema’ (Oblikovanje svjetla za televiziju i film) by Boris Popović, a full professor at the Academy of Dramatic Art Zagreb, took eight years to write, and the knowledge it holds is largely universal and timeless, based not so much on technology, but on physics, art theory, psychology, art history, etc. The translator of the book, Špela Peršin, language editor Nataša Purkat, and director of photography Jure Černec, ZFS, join us for the presentation of the Slovenian translation of the book to discuss the reasons for, purpose of, and vital need for such translations, and the dilemmas they faced while working on the book.



14.00, Main Hall


101ST BIRTH ANNIVERSARY OF IVAN MARINČEK: Screening of the film Ivan “Žan” Marinček with a conversation about Marinček’s life and work


A documentary short about the recently deceased veteran director of photography Ivan “Žan” Marinček, a pioneer of Slovenian cinema. From the account, we learn about his first adolescent insights into the magic of moving images, and his professional beginnings in the nascent Slovenian cinema. Tracing the contours of his creative life, lavishly illustrated with excerpts from Marinček’s key works, is the film critic and writer Marcel Štefančič, Jr. After the screening, Marinček’s daughter Sonja Kodrič, his long-term friend Borko Radešček, and the film’s director Radovan Čok share their thoughts and recollections.



16.00, Foyer





As a DoP, Ivan “Žan” Marinček was part of the community that laid the foundations for Slovenian cinema. He was the cinematographer for On Our Own Land (France Štiglic, 1948), the first Slovenian feature-length sound fiction film, Kekec (Jože Gale, 1951), and Mountain of Fear (Jože Gale, 1963), the first Slovenian feature film shot on colour film stock. To mark the 101st anniversary of Marinček’s birth, the Slovene Association of Cinematographers (ZFS), in collaboration with the Slovenian Cinematheque, puts on a photography exhibition with glimpses into the professional and private life of this legendary filmmaker.


THURSDAY, 5. oktober


09.00–13.00, Green Hall





MEET & GREET: The Slovenian Federation of Filmmakers’ Guilds (ZDSFU) and AIPA



PRESENTATION OF THE STUDY Strategic AV Industry Development Plan to 2030


In collaboration with AIPA, an organisation for the collective enforcement and securing of the rights of the authors, performers, and producers of audiovisual works, ZDSFU organises a detailed presentation of ‘Strategic AV Industry Development Plan to 2030’, a study aiming to increase the role of the audiovisual industry in Slovenia’s economic and creative sectors and strengthen its position in the Slovenian cultural landscape. The event consists of:


  1. Presentation of general and political frameworks in the effort to step up the development of AV industry in Slovenia (Klemen Dvornik, ZDSFU Chair), and a detailed presentation of the study (Žiga Urankar, Deloitte);
  2. Panel discussion about the study’s key findings for implementation in Slovenia, with representatives of ZDSFU who helped conduct the study.



16.30, Main Hall


CELEBRATING WITH KINODVOR AND SLOVENIAN CINEMATHEQUE: Screening of Home Is Where the Light Is with a conversation with key players from Slovenian cinemas


In 2023, when the Kinodvor City Cinema marks three important anniversaries – the centenary of the cinema itself, the 20th anniversary of the art cinema and the 15th anniversary of Kinodvor Public Institution; and when the Slovenian Cinematheque celebrates the 60th anniversary of the opening of its hall, it is only fitting to talk about the people who make film screenings happen: projectionists. Through personal accounts of three projectionists, Home Is Where the Light Is discusses the past, present, and future of their profession. Following the screening, the filmmakers, featured professionals, and others to thank for our cinema experience discuss this vital craft in the world of cinema.



17.00, Amphitheatre





For the second edition of the networking event for film students, the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana, joins the School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica, and the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film, and Television, University of Ljubljana, in bringing their students together to meet and share their impressions of the filmmaking process. This year, the event is organised by the UNG School of Arts.





Led by the composer Aldo Kumar, Anbot is a group that brings together musicians of various musical skills and diverse professional missions, from professional musicians to a translator, judge, manager, visual artist, and film producer. Their repertoire includes songs from Balkan and Asian nations (Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania), Italian film themes (Fellini – Amarcord), Irish and French folk motifs, old Latin hits, klezmer (music originating in the Jewish tradition that is found in eastern European countries), and many other songs that evoke nostalgia with their melodic impulses and paint the landscape of a time when live music still connected people with the warmth of its expressiveness.


FRIDAY, 6. oktober


9.00–13.30, Green Hall




In 2023, the Slovenian Film Centre is planning and implementing several activities aimed at encouraging the development of domestic promotion and distribution of Slovenian cinema. To this end, Slovenian producers and distributors are invited to join us for a workshop on film project promotion and distribution planning and implementation in line with contemporary trends of planning strategic audience-oriented marketing campaigns. Topics include the use of specific marketing tools, digital PR and marketing, social media engagement, and traditional media.


Workshop participants can expect to learn about good practice examples, modern ways of engaging audiences, and changes in accessing the funds for film project promotion and distribution in Slovenia.



14.00, Green Hall





Music can play a key role in setting the atmosphere of a scene or the entire film. Aldo Kumar, a composer responsible for film scores in many Slovenian films, talks to two prominent musicians who also dedicate much of their time to creating music for cinema: Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar and Drago Ivanuša. They discuss some of the key questions that usually surface when composing music for films, be it features, documentaries or shorts: where and how do the composer and the director find common ground, what are the key elements in composing the score, how does film music differ from concert music, and how does music affect the perception of the film?


15.00, Main Hall


KARPO GODINA TURNS 80: Screening of Karpotrotter with a conversation with the director and his subject


Around 1970, Karpo Godina as a young filmmaker took his camera on a trip around Vojvodina to make an unusual “road movie”. Called Imam jednu kuću, only fragments of the film have survived to this day. Forty years on, another camera makes the same journey, putting together and imagining the travels of the young K. G. Karpotrotter is a meditation on cinema, art, and (cinema) memory, a screenwriter and director Matjaž Ivanišin’s homage to the filmmaker and passionate film innovator. We join Ivanišin in honouring Godina with a screening of Karpotrotter to celebrate his 80th birthday. After the screening, Veronika Zakonjšek talks to the director Matjaž Ivanišin and his subject Karpo Godina.



17.00, White Hall





Dragomir Zupanc was still a student when he formed a strong bond with Slovenian cinema. “My first cinematheque was in Belgrade, on Kosovska Street. The second and fateful one was in Ljubljana, on Miklošičeva Street.” Later, as an established film critic based in Belgrade, he worked with Ekran Magazine, gradually specialising in Slovenian topics. His first trip to a festival in Portorož was in 1976. Since 2008, he has been a regular at the Slovenian national film festival as a reporter or filmmaker. Since 2014, he has organised the Days of Slovenian Cinema at the Yugoslav Cinematheque. We talk to Dragomir Zupanc, the 2023 Friend of Slovenian Cinema, and his guests after the screening of his short TV films Spyglass and The Ugly Ones.


SATURDAY, 7. oktober


9.00, Green Hall




Motovila (CED Slovenia) organises a MEDIA information day on 2024 calls for proposals for all interested organisations from the audiovisual sector, to introduce the priorities of the Creative Europe MEDIA calls for proposals for 2024 in two of the four clusters: content and audience. The event focuses on the calls that generate the most interest. We will also highlight the process of green transition, which all applicants to MEDIA calls must address with concrete actions.


MOTOVILA ( is a non-governmental institute implementing information, advisory, training, networking and promotion activities to encourage transnational and cross-sectoral cooperation.



10.00, Green Hall




The Directors Guild of Slovenia (DSR) invites you to a presentation and closing sessions of three workshops:


‘Kratka scena’, a short film script development workshop, is organised, as of 2023, in a creative partnership between DSR and the Society for short film promotion Kraken. An introduction of the workshop and its programme by the head of the workshop, Peter Cerovšek, is followed by project pitches by the participants of its 8th edition.


‘Dokumentarnica’, a documentary filmmaking lab, has been underway for the third year with directors Matjaž Ivanišin, Rok Biček, and Petra Seliškar. A presentation of the workshop by its tutors is followed by participants’ presentations.


‘Scenarnica’, an intensive feature film script development workshop on how to turn an idea into the first version of the screenplay, has seen its eighth edition, this time with the screenwriter and director Srđan Kojlević. A presentation of the workshop by its artistic head Matevž Luzar is followed by project pitches by the participants, who will also read short excepts from their scripts.


All three workshops are funded by the Slovenian Film Centre.



14.00, Amphitheatre




All film enthusiasts are welcome: professionals or professionals-to-be.

The Saturday afternoon get-together is hosted by the Directors Guild of Slovenia (DSR) and the Slovenian Film Centre.




At the 9th Kosobrin Awards Ceremony, the Directors Guild of Slovenia presents its 2023

Kosobrin Award for a priceless crew member.

This year’s winner is Joco Živec, Location Manager.

The Kosobrin Awards Ceremony is part of ‘Evenings of the Directors Guild of Slovenia’, a

programme funded by the Slovenian Film Centre.





Come join us for a game of chess, a royal game that requires no special gear. Just sit at one of

the two tables equipped with a chessboard, and we guarantee you won’t have to wait long for another sharp mind to join you.

The tournament is organised by the Chess Division of the Directors Guild of Slovenia (DSR).





15.00–17.00, White Hall




Motovila opens a pop-up office for short informative meetings or individual consultations. Join us to find out more about EU opportunities for international cooperation in culture, cinema, and creative sectors. Together, we can see if your project is eligible for funding under the Creative Europe programme.



15.30, Main Hall


HOMAGE TO RADKO POLIČ: Screening of Good Times, Bad Times with conversation


Nevio Marasović’s Good Times, Bad Times is considered the last film featuring the late, legendary Slovenian actor Radko “Rac” Polič. In the film, Polič appears in the leading role as a tired old man who sits in a restaurant, observing the guests who turn out to play out the key scenes from his life, forcing him to face the life decisions that turned him into the man he is now. The screening is followed by a conversation with the director and the producer.


The conversation will be held in Croatian.


SUNDAY, 8. oktober


11.00, Green Hall





Reducing our carbon footprint is increasingly becoming our shared responsibility. Can the film industry contribute to change by implementing good practices? And is it even possible to start this process given the limited funding? The panel aims to encourage debate about sustainable practices in film production in Slovenia by introducing local and international examples of good practice in catering, waste management, set construction, and content writing.

That said, is it enough to recycle and distribute reusable water bottles? Or does the greening of film production actually rely on things such as LED spotlights, battery-powered generators, and electric cars? And most importantly, do we have the means and the will to make sustainable film production a reality?


The event will be held in English.