DSR lunch

DSR lunch

at 02:00 PM DSR lunch:

Join us for a social get-together over lunch!
All film enthusiasts are welcome: professionals or professionals-to-be.
The Saturday afternoon get-together is hosted by the Directors Guild of Slovenia (DSR) and the Slovenian Film Centre.


Kosobrin awards ceremony:

At the 9th Kosobrin Awards Ceremony, the Directors Guild of Slovenia presents its 2023
Kosobrin Award for a priceless crew member.
This year’s winner is Joco Živec, Location Manager.
The Kosobrin Awards Ceremony is part of ‘Evenings of the Directors Guild of Slovenia’, a
programme funded by the Slovenian Film Centre.


Free chess zone:

Come join us for a game of chess, a royal game that requires no special gear. Just sit at one of
the two tables equipped with a chessboard, and we guarantee you won’t have to wait long for another sharp mind to join you.
The tournament is organised by the Chess Division of the Directors Guild of Slovenia (DSR).

07/10/2023 – 14:00


Industry events

07.10.2023 at 02:00 PM